Trick Eye Museum Busan Tickets

Trick Eye Museum Busan Tickets

Book your Trick Eye Museum Busan tickets, and enjoy exploring the crazy world of optical illusions and 3D Artworks in this one of a kind museum. Known as the first ever type of museum to use the ancient trompe-l’oeil art technique and augmented reality, it is here where you can discover traditional Korean art in a different light, while also posing for photographs with these paintings and sculptures.

With the 3D Trick Eye Museum Busan tickets, you can also enjoy getting tricked by the many 2D works of art here, seeming as if they are all three-dimensional. Enjoy a quicker entry into the museum with your tickets, and skip the long queues at the entry gates, as you interact with the many paintings, done by famous artists, such as Seurat and Magritte, among others. A visit to this illusion paradise will also let you create your very own original work of art and take it back home with you.

About Trick Eye Museum Busan

Nicknamed an Illusion Paradise, the Trick Eye Museum in Busan is one of the most popular attractions of this city in South Korea. It is here, with your Trick Eye Museum Busan tickets, where you can get a chance to discover more than 100 different types of optical illusions, ranging from paintings and sculptures to other interactive exhibits, tucked away in the five exciting zones within the museum.

The museum is one of the very few places in Busan where you can not only witness famous art masterpieces, but also be a part of them, in addition to witnessing AR attractions. From taking mind-boggling pictures with the displays to becoming a part of the work yourself, or even getting transported to the top attractions of the city in the VR Zone, you can do it all using your 3d Trick Eye Museum Busan tickets.

Trick Eye Museum Zones

Aqua Zones

Head over to the Aqua Zone when you avail your Trick Eye Museum Busan tickets, and get a chance to see all your underwater fantasies come to life. From fighting an underwater dragon, and posing as a mermaid, to riding a boat amidst a jungle and more, this zone is sure to marvel you.

Adventure Zone

Enjoy a one of a king realistic experience at the Adventure Zone, where you can dance and pose with a celebrity, ride a horse, pass through an ice crevasse or even get transported to candy land, in addition to becoming a ballerina, visiting a garden, or escaping from the mouth of an alligator.

Masterpiece Zone

Avail the Trick Eye Museum Busan tickets and pay a visit to the Masterpiece Zone, which boasts of hundreds of amazing works of art, including paintings and sculptures by some of the most famous artists from around the world.

Ghost Zone

Inside the Ghost Zone in the Trick Eye Museum in Busan, you can experience some of the most unique optical illusions and 3D marvels. In addition to becoming a meal for the ghosts and famous people of the past, you can also pose for one of a kind pictures for a memory worth a lifetime.

VR Zone

When using your Trick Eye Museum Busan tickets, you must also visit the famous VR Zone here, where you can use high-tech headsets to enjoy a visit to many of the top attractions in Busan on a ride.

Plan Your Visit

How to reach
Things to Know Before You Go

By Car: You can drive your own car or rent one to get to the Trick Eye Museum. Car parking is available underground.

By Metro: Using the metro is one of the best ways to get to the museum. You can avail a ride on the Line 1 metro and get off at Exit 5 of the Jungang Station, from where the museum is located around 15 minutes away.

By Bus: Several different buses also ply to stops near the Trick Eye Museum in Busan. These include Blue bus numbers 15, 86, 126 and 186, which stop at Baeksan Memorial Hall, buses 86 and 186 which stop at Korea First Bank, as well as the buses 66, 82, 85, 88A, 186, 190 and 508, which stop at the Jungang-Dong Community Service Centre.

Trick Eye Museum Busan remains open from 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. from Tuesdays to Sundays. It remains closed on Mondays, New Year's Day, on the day of Seollal or Lunar New Year's Day, and on Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving Day.

12, Daecheong-ro 126beon-gil, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea

  • When visiting the Trick Eye Museum in Busan, make sure to keep an extra set of batteries for your camera, especially since you will be indulging in a lot of photography here

  • If you have a Trick Eye Passport, make sure to show it at entry since it will allow you free access into the museum

  • The Trick Eye Museum in Busan is also accessible to guests in wheelchairs, and those travelling with babies in strollers

  • Weekends are epically busy here, so visiting the museum during the weekdays would be more comfortable


Where can I book Trick Eye Museum Tickets?

You can book Trick Eye Museum Busan tickets online, and enjoy several a plethora of added benefits, in addition to saving time and money, as well as enjoying a direct, hassle-free entry into the museum.

What is inside the Trick Eye Museum Busan?

Inside the Trick Eye Museum in Busan, you can find a unique cultural entertainment gallery wherein you can see hundreds of paintings and other displays that have been created using 3D optical illusion and AR techniques. There are five major zones here, namely the Aqua, Masterpiece, Adventure, VR and Ghost zones, all of which offer an unparalleled experience.

How do I get to Trick Eye Museum Busan?

To get to the Trick Eye Museum Busan, you can either drive a car or rent a cab, or even avail a ride on the different buses and metro.

Should I book Trick Eye Museum Busan tickets in advance?

Yes, you should definitely book the Trick Eye Museum Busan tickets in advance, since that will help you to secure your visit to this popular attraction in the city. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a direct entry into the museum, while also avoiding having to stand in the queues for long hours during entry.

Is Trick Eye Museum Worth it?

The Trick Eye Museum is surely a place worth visiting. It is a one of a kind museum wherein you can enjoy an interactive experience, whilst also witnessing the marvels of augmented reality and 3D optical illusions.

Are Trick Eye Museum Busan tickets available online?

Yes, the Trick Eye Museum Busan tickets are available online. You can also avail them for a hassle-free visit to the museum, complete with exciting offers, deals as well as discounts.


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